Watch: Viriato Maker: using technology, invention & imagination to re-think, re-build & re-mix!

Brazil | EMEB Viriato Correa

In partnership with Brazilian Creative Learning Network

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– Theme: The use of technology

We’ll be showcasing how our school promotes projects focused in the diversification of educational experiences involving regional and local cultural and economic context. Emotions and play are intimate connected to the learning process that are practiced in the school daily-life, considering:

  • Content diversification
  • Opportunities to bond students and knowledge
  • Qualification of teaching and learning
  • Full-development of the students
  • Interdisciplinarity
  • Playful experiences
  • Children as protagonists
  • Diversify and qualify student’s experiences
  • Peer-based learning balanced with individual work
  • Connect students from different classes
  • Foster diversity and equality.

Our school has also created a program called Viriato Maker, that is anchored in the idea that people can build, fix, modify and create a diverse kind of objects and projects with their own hands, tinkering: rethinking, rebuilding, remixing in a perspective of learning from experimentation, investigation, exploration and re-using of different electronic components, from playing with knowledge, from invention to imagination.


– Primary

– Public

– Urban 

– High-resource setting

– Middle-low income background

– Mixed-sex

– Portuguese, English, and Italian

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