Watch: Bio-Titans: students as researchers to improve maths & solve real-world environmental issues

Colombia | Institución Educativa Rosedal

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At Institución Educativa Rosedal (Rosedal School) we have developed a student research team called Bio-Titans to strengthen student learning in maths and science through research whilst also raising the ecological and environmental awareness amongst the school community.

Bio-Titans is led by Gustavo Martínez, who teaches maths and science in 8th and 9th grade. Gustavo is also an environmental engineer and as a result of his interest in environmental issues and the history of our school, he decided to create Bio-Titans and integrate this into his maths teaching.

Since 2019, the Bio-Titans team has developed two main initiatives and several activities including:

  • School orchard (2019-2020). Through this project, students have learned to plant, take care of, and use water in an efficient way, amongst many other things.
  • Research project (2020): Using the school orchard and also working with their own plants at home, students are doing research about the water requirements for growing vegetables.

Our school was built on dry land. Thus, Bio-Titans connects a specific problem of the school community with (a) students’ learning and (b) students’ leadership development and community engagement.

Bio-Titans has helped our school to improve teaching effectiveness and learning outcomes in maths by using maths to solve problems related to the school orchard and the research project, making the subject more engaging for students and helping them connect theoretical concepts with real-life issues.

It has also helped keep students motivated and involved while they study from home. They have developed small gardens at home and are experimenting with vegetables they have on hand.

Finally, the project has also helped to address the environmental challenges faced by the school community like solid waste management, efficient use of water, and deforestation.

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– K-12

– State funded, NGO-run

– Urban

– Low-resource setting

– Low-income backgrounds

– Mixed-sex

– Languages: Spanish

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