Watch: Developing techno-entrepreneurial skills

Turkey | Technology & Humanities College (TINK) 

In partnership with Teachers Academy Foundation (Öğretmen Akademisi Vakfı)

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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship and life skills

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

The actual expertise that Tink wishes to showcase during the presentation part of the event is the integrated techno-entrepreneurship curriculum and the Innovation & Entrepreneurship case projects that the students have developed during the course of the last 3 years. The presentation part will be followed by a panel discussion with thought leaders on employability, entrepreneurship and life skills in the digital age.

In the context of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals related to education, Tink specializes in entrepreneurial-minded teaching and techno-entrepreneurial skills formation.

Tink has created a unique diploma program that combines the digital age soft skills, innovation & entrepreneurship skills, and technology skills on a theoretical and practical level leading to higher employability and life skills. The STEAM curriculum also supports creative solutions development and project implementation approach of the techno-entrepreneurial curriculum in a cross-disciplinary manner. The Tink education model brings the concept of solution-oriented young people, who combine thought and action in their personalities.

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