Watch: Embracing multiculturalism to strengthen learning

UK | Alperton Community School

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  • Thursday 8

    04:00 pm – 05:00 pm

    UK | Alperton Community School
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– Theme: Deepening family and community engagement

– Format: Panel/Lecture

– Primary language: English

“It takes a village to grow a child,” this very famous African proverb encapsulates the ethos that is felt at Alperton Community school where the engagement and collaboration of the community is necessary and vital to the success of every student.

At Alperton, we fundamentally believe that a strong partnership between the home and school is vital to establish and embed the roots for every student to thrive. As a result, the themes of Pastoral, Community and Inclusion are the golden thread and are placed at the core of everything that we do.

You will experience the different ways in which cultures are celebrated within the curriculum and how they are interwoven within the whole school ethos. You will witness how parents and externals are engaged and collaborate with us as partners in order to create a community where education is not just the responsibility of those in the school. It is our belief that every child from every background is unique, important and matters.

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