Watch: Ensuring education’s continuity in hospitals

Russia | Hospital School

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    Russia | Hospital School
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– Theme: Promoting the science of learning and teaching

– Format: Lecture

– Primary language: English

Annually, more than 4000 students are taught at hospitals in Moscow either in hospital school if they can attend it or in wards or cubicles if students cannot leave them. Long absence from classes, interrupted schooling, reduced social contacts and unstable emotional status cause learning problems and decline in academic achievements. An educational gap between in-patients and their healthy peers is often 1-3 years. To make matters worse some surgical treatment and medicines impair children’s cognitive functions and form more barriers to learning.

The Project “We Teach/They Learn” has set the task to improve children’s lifestyle by providing quality literacy development and advancing equity.

The Project showcases an innovative model of hospital school that has been rolled out to other regions of Russia. Since the launch of the Project in 2015 new hospital schools have been opened in 34 Federal children’s hospitals in Russian cities and towns outside Moscow.

To meet the task a completely new type of full-fledged school in hospitals (“hospital school for long-stay patients”) as an innovative model in its structure, organization, administration, and methodology has been created.

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