Watch: Helping inner city’s disadvantaged children with schooling

South Africa | Roedean

In partnership with  Jakes Gerwel Fellowship

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– Theme: Deepening family and community engagement

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

One of the frameworks that inform an approach to achieving Living a Life of Significance, is including in this definition the notion of transcending self as encompassed by the social responsibility programme that is entrenched in both the curriculum and extra-curricula activities of the school.

Critical thinking and the ability to work as a team are crucial skills for 21st Century learning. The social responsibility programme allows girls to work in teams not only in the school family but within the broader community, thereby deepening their engagement.

We believe that building a sense of social entrepreneurship within the school not only fulfils the ideal of service but is imperative for educational and economic equity and social justice, as well as personal and societal well-being.

School readiness is also an issue in SA, and many children are neglected due to parents needing to work, but who are unable to afford quality Early Childhood education. The difference between Independent and State schools in SA is stark, and the need to form partnerships, and share resources and skills is essential.

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