Watch: How a low-income, low-resource school went online during Covid-19

Nigeria | Baptist Primary School 

In partnership with Teach for Nigeria organisation

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  • Friday 9

    02:00 pm – 03:00 pm

    Nigeria | Baptist Primary School 
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– Theme: The use of technology

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

Following the COVID-19 pandemic that necessitated the shutting down of schools worldwide, our speaker – Precious, started a project to digitize the Nigerian curriculum for her pupils when she realized that the majority of the educational content online are from the west and were not user-friendly for her pupils. 

She went ahead to install those lessons alongside non-conventional educational materials like games and movies on tablets which were distributed to all the pupils in her class for free. This way, all the pupils in her classroom have been able to continue learning during this period.

Another speaker on the panel, Kayode, the founder of SchoolLinka will share how he and his team has been able to design a program that equips teachers with the tech skills they need to power digital learning in their classrooms. 

Through an instructor-led online learning model, he is creating a large community of educators who are able to drive learning outside the classroom effectively.

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