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– Theme: Promoting the science of learning and teaching

– Format: Workshop

– Primary language: English

We live in uncertain times, with impacts around the world, that have changed the way we live. The Covid-19 pandemic has made us painfully aware of the global nature of our human existence, and the dependence we have on others, as we address the current impact of the pandemic and work together to find a vaccine to bring it under control.

We have learned the importance of bringing our community together and listening carefully to their personal stories, not just through surveys, but also through conversations with individual families, students and staff. We have also engaged with regional, national and international authorities, and with schools across the world, and have benefitted from their advice and experience.

Our success to date has rested much on the power of maintaining, sustaining, and listening to our local communities and our global networks.

The workshop will consist of some brief formal presentations, based on background research and our experience of putting theory into practice, as being developed in our Playbook. This will lead to discussion and exploration, in breakout groups, and a final plenary Q&A and summary session, including ideas for next steps.


– K-12

– Public-owned and run school

– Urban

– High-resource setting

– High-medium income background

– Mixed-sex

– English, Spanish, and Arabic

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