Watch: How to use tech to improve STEM

Chile | Colegio Alberto Blest Gana

In partnership with Lab4U

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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship and life skills

– Format: Immersive experience

– Primary language: Spanish

We believe and we’re going to showcase that learning is achieved through the well-being of our students focusing on the 21st Century Skills where the student is the protagonist. Our strength is in the well-being of our community and a strong pedagogical strategy to implement technology to inspire the future of the workforce.

We have two support focuses:

  1. Pedagogy with online classes, asynchronous classes and technological support with innovative solutions in STEM
  2. Socio-emotional support and orientation by welcoming the needs of the community. On this showcase, we will focus on innovative tech solutions in STEM to empower students for the future of the workforce.

Our students today more than ever need an education that suits their interests and personal motivations, through active learning, inquiry-based based and project-based learning, we have allowed them to build their knowledge; and at the same time with meaning in their lives; that encourages meaningful learning. One example in STEM is the use of Lab4U in our science programs where teachers and students use smartphones to design and run experiments with a lab in their pockets, students are the centre of the learning experience through inquiry and experimentation.

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