Watch: How we convinced parents to allow their children to pursue vocational skills

India | Mahatma Vidyalaya 

In partnership with Dream a Dream

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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship, and life skills

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

We’re showcasing the biggest challenge we faced in the execution of this project, which was convincing the parents and teachers about the project of parents to allow their children to pursue vocational skills. Initially we had a staff meeting, highlighted the concept and convinced the teachers that each child is important and each child is different. Hence, it is important to know the interests of the child and give them the opportunity to develop these skills. We requested professionals from different fields to address both the teachers and students.

We had a 3-day training seminar for both students and teachers. Post this, we saw that both the teachers and the students saw value in the project and were interested. On the final day, we requested the parents to attend the same seminar. We spoke about the limitations, abilities and opportunities available for each child, the importance of such skills in everyone’s life and how this could benefit the child in the long run. This also made the parents see the value in this project and bought into this idea.

We are lucky enough to have teachers who were already skilled in the fields of carpentry, plumbing, mechanics etc, and we leveraged the strengths of these teachers to execute the program.

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