Watch: How we improved well-being by 40 percent to reduce student absenteeism

Nigeria | Local Government School III 

In partnership with Teach for Nigeria organisation

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– Theme: Focusing on wellbeing

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

7 out of 10 schools in Otta lack access to good water, hygiene and sanitation facilities. Our kids in school use the toilet without water to wash their hands and in turn eat with the same dirty hands. School sanitation is done mostly by using hands to pack the gathered dirt.

Integrating the WASH Project as a performance driver for learners focuses on providing water, renovating the toilet block and making water accessible to the classrooms as well as provision of sanitation materials.

The aim is to improve the hygiene and overall well-being of learners which in turn reduces the rate of absenteeism and enhances learning outcomes. The culture of proper hygiene being cultivated in the school has directly impacted learning outcomes by:

  • Learning time is maximised by all learners as toilet trip time has reduced to due to more toilets blocks
  • The sickbay has less congestion due to improving the overall health of learners
  • The rate of absenteeism has reduced from about 40% to less than 5% daily.


– Primary

– State-owned and run school

– Rural

– Low-resource setting

– Low-resource background

– Mixed-sex

– Four Languages: English inclusive

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