Watch: How we integrate well-being into online delivery of education

Lebanon | Al Manar Modern School

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  • Friday 9

    05:00 pm – 06:00 pm

    Lebanon | Al Manar Modern School
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– Theme: Focusing on wellbeing 

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

We are a leading school in implementing Education for Sustainable Development. During online teaching and learning, we are using an inquiry-based approach and performance based assessments. As well, especially this year, we are integrating the concept of wellbeing into our academic objectives

We encourage students to ask for help whenever they need it. It’s important that our students feel comfortable asking for help. Otherwise, they may be more likely to keep to themselves and this could lead to additional problems for them. We remind students that we are there for them and happy to listen when they need to talk. Also, saying something like, “Talk to me if you have a problem. I’m here to help.”

We’ve adopted a caring attitude towards all students, and we avoid favouritism. We avoid showing favouritism towards certain students and not attending to the needs of others. Treating all of our students in a kind and caring manner. Telling them that we care about their well-being and remind them that we’re here to help them.

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