Watch: How we integrated experiential learning in our school

Serbia | Primary School Milan Rakic 

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– Theme: Promoting the science of learning and teaching

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: Serbian/English

Our school encourages the development of a methodology for a holistic approach of learning under the open sky. What we are promoting is the living proof evidence of еxperiential learning under open sky- The Magic Village- which proved to act like the gateway to overcome the Covid 19 virus and the pandemic issue!

The concept name, the Magic Village, wasn’t accidental since it is completely wrapped in a fairy tale. When coming up with this learning concept, we had in mind that our childhood habits often define us even as adults. We also took into consideration that children who grow up in urban areas are, in a manner of speaking, handicapped, because they don’t grow up in nature and often hardly experience it. For someone who lives in a rural area, it’s sometimes difficult to comprehend that there are children in cities who believe that milk comes from a carton, eggs from the fridge, tea from the pharmacy, and bread from the shop. This is because children in the countryside live in harmony with nature from the day they are born, while children in cities get to see nature through their screens.

Isn’t this reason enough for every city parent to take it upon themselves to provide their child with moments spent in the countryside and in harmony with nature? We found out that most children don’t have opportunities to visit and enjoy the countryside unless they have grandparents who live in a village, so we decided to start a children’s research centre on a farm, in the purest nature.

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