Watch: How we integrated formal, informal and vocational education in our school curriculum

Georgia | Ilia Chavchavadze Sachkhere Public School N2 

In partnership with Education Coalition

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  • Thursday 8

    11:00 am – 12:00 pm

    Georgia | Ilia Chavchavadze Sachkhere Public School N2 
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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship and life skills

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

Due to its performance, our school was selected as one of the top finalists of the National School Leadership Award, 2020. Currently, the school is competing for Grand Award to be announced on 19th of September at a special ceremony.

Besides, in response to our activities and because of our contributions to the promotion of VET education, we were awarded by the Ministry of Education. That is why any student of the 7th-12th grade from Sachkhere Municipality is eligible for the basic vocational education for free. From 2021 our school will be one of the pioneers to issue the vocational education certificate along with the school diploma.

STEM education is also an integral part and one of the top priorities for our school that we’d love to showcase. Therefore, to help boost students’ interest in STEM subjects we decided to do a number of things:

  1. Using Project-Based Learning approaches
  2. Outdoor activities (e.g. Natural Science Picnic)
  3. Cooperation with relevant universities
  4. Participation in thematic competitions
  5. Establishing relevant school clubs (It is noteworthy that throughout pandemic lockdown seven clubs would operate online).
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