Watch: How we motivate communites to enrol girls in education

Bangladesh | Sauderosri BRAC Primary School 

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– Theme: Deepening family and community engagement

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

We will be showcasing how motivation is given to parents who are usually unwilling to send their girls to schools. They are made to understand the necessity and benefits of education.

Girls are encouraged to attend classes and acquire knowledge. They are made aware of their personal health and hygiene and natural calamities

Our school is in a poverty-stricken and hard-to-reach area. Moreover, it’s a natural calamity prone area. It is very difficult for girls to come to school particularly during the rainy season when girls are helped, offering communication facilities.

Communities are engaged to keep girls in schools with local elites and teachers motivating parents and girls to continue their education.

Salla, Sunamgonj is a very remote water-surrounded haor (wetland) area. Flash flood take place more than half of the year-round. People move from one place to another by boat with natural calamity a common phenomenon during that period. This makes it very challenging for our students to continue their education and so, drop-out is a regular phenomenon. Our school started with 29 students among them, 14 are girls. The speciality of this school is to continue the students’ study.

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