Watch: How we pioneered a Parents School to deepen engagement

Colombia | Institución Educativa Jaime Garzon, Bogotá

In partnership with Alianza Educativa

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  • Tuesday 6

    03:00 pm – 04:00 pm

    Colombia | Institución Educativa Jaime Garzon, Bogotá
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– Theme: Deepening family and community engagement

– Format: Immersive experience

– Primary language: Spanish

– Institución Educativa Jaime Garzon, Bogotá.

Our school has managed to develop socio-emotional skills in families through our Parents School. By working together with parents and caregivers, understanding both their context and the socio-emotional skillset they already possess, and impelling them to raise the expectations they hold for their children, the school seeks to transform mentalities and ultimately help students thrive.

In Alianza Educativa, when we enrol a child in one of our schools, we enrol that child’s family as well. We understand that the school is not alone in the students’ learning processes, and recognize the parents’ crucial role in their education, including both academic and socio-emotional learning.

When Jaime Garzon School first opened its doors 20 years ago, not only were academic results low, but teachers were also concerned about low parental involvement. If the school was to hold high expectations of its students, then we needed to start by raising expectations of its families. Family engagement became a priority and school leaders decided not to wait for parents to come to school and start participating in school life, but rather go visit the homes themselves and get to know the families.

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