Watch: Improving social emotion learning using e-learning

Mexico | Avalon International School

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– Theme: The use of technology

– Format: Workshops

– Primary language: Spanish/English

Our school has created a sophisticated e-learning Program to facilitate academic, social, and emotional support for students who must learn remotely during the current pandemic.

The program utilizes a combination of free and paid online platforms and resources as well as direct daily contact with classroom and subject-specific instructors. Through this innovative and creative program, students continue to make necessary progress even though they are unable to attend classes in person for at least the start of the current school year. Not only does this e-learning program address the academic achievement of all students, but is also supports students’ social and emotional needs during the pandemic and it addresses the importance of family support and participation in the child’s at-home learning program.

Finally, the program has been personalized so that classroom teachers, administrators, and school support personnel can continue to address the individual needs of every student while confined to their homes. Please note: This program is NOT a home-schooling program.

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