Watch: Improving teacher well-being

Colombia | Jardín Infantil Buen Comienzo - San Antonio de Prado

In partnership with Fundación United Way Colombia

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  • Thursday 8

    02:00 pm – 03:00 pm

    Colombia | Jardín Infantil Buen Comienzo – San Antonio de Prado
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– Theme: Focusing on wellbeing

– Format: Immersive experience

– Primary language: Spanish/English

We want to showcase our experience improving our teachers’ well-being in a comprehensive way, to improve education quality and teacher-learner interactions.

Two members of our school teaching staff were selected to participate in ‘La Vuelta al Mundo’, a strategy which addresses teachers’ well-being challenges and supports them to discover new ways to improve their emotional health, transform their pedagogical practices and better manage their communications, created by United Way Colombia Foundation.

After participating in this program, our teachers replicated the model with other educators, consolidating expertise in social-emotional well-being in our school. This expertise has been key to improve our school climate, that was very complicated since tensions among teachers were common and longstanding. Also, taking into account that we work with children aged 0 to 5, this systemic transformation we have experimented with has been relevant to improve our practices and offer more meaningful interactions to young learners, which are crucial to providing them with supportive and effective caregiving so that they can reach their full potential.

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