Watch: Learn about a new research based approach to early learning and play

Finland | HEI School Ruoholahti

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  • Thursday 8

    11:00 am – 12:00 pm

    Finland | HEI School Ruoholahti
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– Theme: Focusing on wellbeing

– Format: Lecture

– Primary language: English

We’ll showcase that at HEI Schools, our mission is to bring a holistic education to each child. We specialize in providing an education that empowers children to reach their full potential in all aspects of their life, from academic success to socio-emotional intelligence to physical health.

In order to accomplish this objective, we take an innovative approach to early childhood education in which we foster play, creativity, independence, confidence and socio-emotional skills. This brings about better outcomes across the board.

Children have plenty of time for free play throughout their school day, and play is used as an important tool for learning because it is a natural and effective way to teach children different skills. We allow them to express their creativity in their learning and our teachers plan pedagogically informed activities and moments for children to practice their growing independence with support, which builds their confidence. Socio-emotional growth is an important aspect of our curriculum and explicitly taught through activities and everyday moments.

We derive our approach from the Finnish education system. Finland is the epitome of societal wellbeing throughout the Nordic countries and arguably throughout the world – education is an essential factor in fostering this wellbeing. At HEI Schools, we have created a globalization model to provide Finnish education and to therefore foster a similar sense of wellbeing in all children.

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