Watch: Making schools more resilient to climate change

Bangladesh | Boat School 

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  • Monday 5

    10:00 am – 11:00 am

    Bangladesh | Boat School 
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– Theme: Focusing on well-being

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

Vati Jamal Gor BRAC Primary Boat School is a very special type of school. We make the impossible, possible. We provide education to children living in the remotest part of Northeastern Bangladesh where land is only one metre about sea level and now remains underwater for more than half of the year. During this season, roads are submerged leaving children from poor families without access to traditional schools.

Working in partnership with families and local communities, our Boat School not only provides a safe space for education to continue, but it also replaces the need for school buses, picking children up and dropping them off after their lessons have finished.

Climate change is the biggest global crisis we have ever faced. Floating Boat Schools enable education to continue despite rising water levels.

We will showcase how we achieve this, ensuring teaching and learning can continue, providing hope for children for a better future.


– Primary


– Rural

– Low-resource setting

– Low-income background

– Mixed-sex

– Language Bengali

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