Watch: New teaching methods for distance learning

Croatia | Osnovna škola Čazma

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– Theme: Promoting the science of learning and teaching

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: Croatian

This school year, our school is implementing two very important Erasmus + projects. These are the projects Beyond the Classroom Walls and Culture and Traditional Games in the Eyes of the Young. The goal of our school was to develop innovative ways of teaching teachers and to transform teaching from conventional teaching methods into a reverse classroom.

We wanted to give students the opportunity to use digital tools at the same level as in other modernized schools. Therefore, our teachers felt the need to upgrade their knowledge, and as teachers we have an obligation to participate in various teacher training programs and follow modern trends in teaching.

With the use of computer equipment, especially Android tablets and smart boards, the teaching process becomes a very important challenge for all teachers and students of our school. Through better use of computer equipment, we strive to direct students ‘attention and attention to teaching content and increase the diversity of students’ activities in the framework of modernized and modern teaching with the aim of developing their digital competencies

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