Watch: Nurturing student-led social entrepreneurship whilst deepening community understanding

UK | Sevenoaks School

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  • Thursday 8

    05:00 pm – 06:00 pm

    UK | Sevenoaks School
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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance entrepreneurship

– Format: Workshop/Panel

– Primary language: English

This session aims to share ideas in relation to supporting students in their leadership of social entrepreneurship activities. Students from Sevenoaks School will share details of their social enterprise projects, before reflecting on what they have learnt in the process, and exploring how schools can best support the impact of similar initiatives.

We will explore a structured pathway to enable students to have guidance in developing their own solutions to problems that they identify in local, national and global communities, looking at how we can ensure that students reflect on notions such as sustainability and inclusivity, whilst developing critical thinking skills and challenging their own assumptions.

At Sevenoaks School, students look to understand and address various forms of inequality through a combination of a curriculum-embedded approach and extensive co-curricular opportunities, with many students engaged in nearly 40 weekly service partnership placements. We will share details of our innovative Year 7 Curriculum ‘Society and Change’ curriculum alongside the structure of our new Kent-wide social leadership partnership and social entrepreneurship competition.

We will also reflect with our student panel on how schools can best create a culture of student-led response to community challenges, and ask how teachers can support the development of meaningful relationships with community members in this process, that are transformative for all involved. We look forward to learning from other schools through this T4 opportunity.

– Secondary

– Independent day & boarding school

– Rural

– High-resource setting

– Medium & high-income background

– Mixed-sex

– Languages: English

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