Watch: Our Covid-19 strategies – teaching PE and competitive sport when school’s reopen

UAE | Hartland International School

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– Theme: The use of technology

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

Hartland International School Dubai will be showcasing our efforts to deliver outstanding experiences in Physical Education in:

  • The Past: Distance  Learning
  • The Present: Hybrid Learning and Social Distancing
  • The Future-: Where We Go From Here

We will share some of our success stories in engaging students in learning from remote locations and how we maintained daily PE provision for 14 weeks. Furthermore, we will share our efforts to facilitate competitive sport for students through online competitions and interactions with schools from different countries. The discussion will include the benefits of live streaming, live calls, incorporating AI and VR as well as facilitating theory-based learning for exams.

The panel will also share their insight into how we are facilitating Physical Education for students in class and at home, as well as what the future holds for our Physical Education and Sports Programme.

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