Watch: Peacebuilding; How we raise a generation that shows empathy, love and respect

Lebanon | St. George Schools

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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship and life skills

– Format: Panel

We believe school is a second home for our students. In a country that has suffered from civil war due to sectarianism and hatred, we have to go beyond teaching knowledge and values in our classrooms. Incorporating a peace-building programme and teaching life skills, is vital, especially for the coming generation.

Alwan is a programme organised by Adyan Foundation, a Lebanese NGO that works locally, regionally and internationally for pluralism, inclusive citizenship, community resilience, and spiritual solidarity, through homegrown solutions in education, media, policy, and intercultural and inter-religious relations. This programme promotes a national culture amongst youngsters, particularly high school students. It is based on the knowledge of the Lebanese cultural and religious diversities, and on the values of coexistence and inclusive citizenship within Lebanese schools in all regions and communities.

Through many training sessions that we lead at school in Alwan Club, our students recognise the importance of coexistence, civilization, communication, humanity, civic engagement, respecting other religions and accepting diversity.

Join us and we will share our story of raising a generation that values empathy, love and respect for all.

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