Watch: Personalising curricula for special needs in a mainstream school

Netherlands | Community school de Vuurvogel

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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship and life skills

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

Our school will be showcasing that we are a regular primary school with a temporary special needs class inside our school for children who have a lot of difficulties in learning.

We are now pioneering for almost 2 years with an internal special needs class ‘X-tra’. Normally, the children who attend this class are going to a special needs school only. But as a school we want the children to be and stay in their own safe context.

The class is a maximum of 13 children where we enhance reading and math skills together with entrepreneurship and life skills. We do this in cooperation with business and secondary education. This contributes to inclusive education and all the children have a personalised curriculum. If the children achieve a high improvement in their levels and goals it is possible for them to return to the ‘regular’ class.

Everyone must observe and research the needs and talents of the children. They need other additional skills than only the national curriculum. As a team, you must know and be aware that these children have another process than the mainstream and they are not able to achieve those goals. But they have other talents and skills. They are going to work early after secondary school. So they need communicational skills, life skills, mindset-lessons and a more practical approach.

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