Watch: Positive parenthood for pre-school success

Morocco | Tilila preschool

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– Theme: Deepening family and community engagement  

– Format: Webinar

– Primary language: French and Arabic

Parents and the community have been involved from the beginning of our school project (even in the prospection phase) in order to sensitize them to the importance of pre-school, and the importance of enrolling all children (girls and boys aged 4 to 6 years) in order to prepare them for primary school.

The community-based preschool program, as an ANEER’s model, include a positive parenthood program coupled with monthly awareness modules designed to make parents and broader communities familiar with early childhood stakes. It also mobilizes the community to help with the daily management of the preschool units. The community involvement ensures better integration of children within their environment and facilitates the transition to primary school.

In parallel, Zakoura Foundation creates and/or reinforces local associations or local champions, capable of taking charge of the school by the end of the two years of initial funding.

The capacity building of local associations through awareness building and project management training allows them to be actively involved in ANEER, and guarantees the sustainability of the program after the funding period has ended.


– Kindergarten

– Mixed-sex

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