Watch: Promoting student agency – let them decide what, when and how they want to learn

India | Chevella Freedom School

In partnership with Dream a Dream

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– Theme: Promoting the science of learning and teaching

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

As knowledge regarding human development and learning has grown at a rapid pace, the opportunity to shape more effective educational practices has also increased. Taking advantage of these advances, however, requires integrating insights across multiple fields and connecting them to the knowledge of successful approaches that are emerging in education. To meet the new global standard of education and to ensure our students developed more agency we adopted the concept of a Freedom School.

What is Freedom School?

The core principle behind the Freedom School is to make learning fun by giving chance to choose and follow what the student is interested in, rather than being told by teachers to focus on one thing in particular. The idea is also to liberate students from the traditional clutches of educational practices which are just making them passive learners.

This enhances children’s development and learning by enabling them to own and create their own experiences and opportunities for meaningful interactions, by taking into consideration environmental factors, interpersonal relationships etc. Learning opportunities through experience both in and out of the classroom along with physical, psychological, cognitive, social and emotional stimulation is critical in ensuring that our children are truly ready for the world we live in today.

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