Watch: Safeguarding our Cultural Traditions

Malaysia | Methodist Girls Primary School

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  • Monday 5

    01:00 pm – 02:00 pm

    Malaysia | Methodist Girls Primary School
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– Theme: Focusing on wellbeing

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

We’ll be showcasing how our school is a girls’ school that produces many charismatic women who contribute to the development of the country in various sectors and fields. Some of them even make names at the international stage. All programs organized lead to the well-being of students where holistic development is paramount.

All five of our programs are conducted comprehensively and systematically and as a result we produce girls who are highly motivated and at the same time maintains the superiority of eastern women who are known for their politeness and decency. Our school is a girls’ school that excels in almost all areas of curriculum and co-curriculum. Recognizing the importance of English to compete globally all our programs are conducted in two languages which is Malay our national language and English.

A very good teamwork is also vital. It is the culture in our school that the teachers can work under pressure and under short notice.

A strong cooperation and mutual respect among all family members of the school regardless administrations, teachers as well as the parents.

A devoted Parents Teachers Association who are willingly to support in terms of money, time, energy and ideas.


– Primary

– Public and State-run school

– Urban

– Medium-resource setting

– High, Middle, and Low income background

– Single-sex

– Malay and English Language

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