Watch: Social-emotional learning in early childhood education

Turkey | Turkish American Association Cinnah Preschool

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  • Friday 9

    04:00 pm – 05:00 pm

    Turkey | Turkish American Association Cinnah Preschool
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– Theme: Promoting the science of learning and teaching and Focusing on wellbeing

– Format: Workshops

– Primary language: English

Within the framework of wellbeing, we want to share our school’s social-emotional learning programme that is implemented during class meetings. These are held at the beginning and end of the school day.

We name our meetings as ‘circle times’ so we conduct morning circle time and closing circle time each school day. Through integrating our social-emotional learning program into our circle times, we firstly aimed to support children who have difficulties about managing their emotions and behaviours. After we aimed to create a safe and supportive learning environment where every child can learn mindfulness, develop healthy decision-making skills and establish healthy relationships. Our social-emotional learning program differs according to developmental needs and ages of children in our school.

Within the framework additional sub-theme, we want to share our atelier system that is our pedagogical approach in our kindergarten. Based on our atelier system, our curriculum is designed. We implemented our atelier system to support skills like creativity, expression and exploration. Through this approach, children learn through experiences of touching, moving, listening and observing. Our atelier system also provides more active learning for children.

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