Supporting children with autism in UK

UK | The Charter School East Dulwich

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  • Wednesday 7

    04:00 pm – 05:00 pm

    UK | The Charter School East Dulwich
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– Theme: Focusing on wellbeing

– Format: Panel

– Language: English

We’ll showcase our plan, which is developing sector-leading practise in integrating the teaching of a neurodiverse population of learners.

The school has built a therapeutic infrastructure that supports children with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) to study towards a suite of mainstream qualifications (GCSEs and A levels). The school operates a personalised curriculum for these students in which the extent of their participation in mainstream classrooms is based on a rigorous assessment of their need. The school has also developed a framework for parental engagement specifically focused on the need to build capacity in families of neuro-atypical children.

Supporting students with ASD in a mainstream setting is a complex process that requires investment in resourcing and specialist expertise. Neither can be developed quickly. Schools should craft a detailed target operating model and expect to take at least three years to build towards it. Each step should be cautious and should capture learning to date in order to ensure that children are fully supported as you grow.

Parents whose children have ASD are often understandably anxious about their children’s schooling. They need additional contact time with school leaders and other specialists in order fully to understand, buy-into and support the school’s specific model of provision. Parents whose children are neurotypical need to understand the place of specialist provision in the school’s ethos and operations; as the expectations of their children and the benefits of being educated in a neurodiverse environment.

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