Watch: Supporting gifted and talented students

Bosnia & Herzegovina | General Gymnasium of the Catholic School Centre & Bl.Ivan Merz Banja Luka

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– Theme: Promoting the science of learning and teaching

– Format: Lecture

– Primary language: Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian Natively

During our event, we will showcase how we support gifted and talented students.

  1. Promotion of science, popularization of subjects and musical arts in a way that is adapted to gifted and talented students.
  2. Providing training of divergent opinions for all students participating in the event.
  3. Motivate and develop creativity in order to provide students with more opportunities to acquire knowledge, skills as well as the formation of attitudes and value systems for personal development and community development.
  4. Multiplying the creative potentials of students and interconnecting different talents.
  5. The richness of science and its possibilities to be realized and presented (virtually and live) by applying teaching methods, forms, strategy, tools and aids that are not otherwise used to a large extent in regular classes.
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