Watch: Tackling mental health challenges of teachers

India | iTeach (RSM) Rajarshi Shahu Maharaj English Medium Secondary School

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  • – Theme: Focusing on wellbeing
  • – Format: Panel
  • – Primary language: English

iTeach RSM believes in staff wellbeing as one of the core pillars of our school, so we’ll be showcasing, among the multiple initiatives, what we have found, and they are two having the highest impact:

  • Weekly Wellness Check-In: A45 minute conversation between their Coach and the staff member, here we discuss progress and learning across the many hats each teacher plays. Through reflecting together, we find solutions to hurdles and ways to be our most effective selves.It is also a space where we discuss (depending on the comfort levels) personal challenges of staff members – creating a listening or a mentoring space as needed.
  • Fearless Voices: This is a voluntary space (once in two weeks) for all staff members to join. We run this circle once every three weeks or so, where our school counselor leads the space. Staff members sign up as Listeners or Speakers.
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