Watch: Teaching students how to build a business model and engage customers

N High School | Japan

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    N High School | Japan
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The school will be showcasing creativity, communication skills, and management skills. In Project N, the students form a small group, regardless of grade levels, and use real-world situations to think about the problems, find solutions, and present their findings. The teacher first teaches the student the necessary skills and knowledge required in problem-solving and provides advice when needed. The students will also receive guidance from external experts related to the subject, including lectures and supplemental materials. Furthermore, the school offers a program named My Project, in which students who have studied in Project N implement a project to solve a problem in their community or in their immediate surroundings. A non-profit organisation called KATARIBA participates in this program as an advisor. Through this program, N High School has produced award-winning teams in the National High School Student My Project Award competition. In addition, the school offers Entrepreneur Club, which selects five groups of students each year through application screening and interview among the applicants. This club offers a practical education to teach students how to build a business model and create a business plan with a support from outside experts. The school provides up to 10 million yen in corporate funding to support the start-up business ideas from the student groups.

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