Watch: It takes a village AND the power of mentoring

Norway | H20vgs upper secondary school (Hersleb)

In partnership with Junior Achievement Norway (Ungt Entreprenørskap Norge)

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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship and life skills

– Format: Lecture

– Primary language: English

Teachers alone are not enough; our pupils also need access to change agents as

  • Environment Gardeners
  • Capabilities Coaches
  • Competencies Teachers
  • Values Mentors
  • Identity Sponsors, and
  • Systems Transformers

working together in a H20mentorvillage dedicated to entrepreneurial education methodologies, ensuring pupils are engaged, empowered and deep learning through

  1. social entrepreneurship,
  2. sustainable development (UN SDGs), and
  3. “global is local”-citizenship.

Our H20 upper secondary school (Hersleb) is reinventing itself to become the Green School at the heart of Oslo (den grønne sentrumsskolen). We offer Oslo’s widest service offerings, both 2-year fast-track, 3-year standard, and 4th-year extension academic programs, as well as multiple vocational health and social care programs, and adult education catch-up and feeder programs for recent immigrants and refugees. The majority of our pupils are third culture, just as 40% of Oslo.

We will share a radical new direction for post-Bloom pedagogics, and learning to learn practices around student-centric journal digital platforms

H20 engages four neighbourhood mentor triggers to change and grow its pupils:

  • Junior Achievement (JA) Company Program (ungdomsbedrifter (UB))
  • Local Innovation Networks and Neighbourhood Incubators
  • Rotary Mentors at Individual and JA Company level
  • Local Mentors and Growth Programs from multiple village partnerships.

We collaborate with pupils, alumni, teachers, advisors, local businesses, local government and non-profit organisations to teach, MENTOR, and sponsor the pupils, ideally through Real-World-Problem-Solving in team competitions, work programs, leadership programs and Best Practices Mirroring and Mentoring Mobilisations.

We believe it takes a village to raise a child! or in our words;

“It takes an H20mentorvillage to sustainably teach, MENTOR and sponsor a child!”

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