Watch: Trust package – a program for every child’s wellbeing

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  • Tuesday 6

    02:00 pm – 03:00 pm

    Kringlaskolan | Sweden
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Our school has developed a successful program for a healthy, safe and supportive learning environment. The program clarifies for instance school-wide approaches, employee training and content / exercises for each grade, during the student’s 10 years at school.

The aim of Kringlaskolan’s program is to empower the students to grow, prosper, and become the best version of themselves – and also to develop compassion for their fellow human beings, their surroundings and society at large. All employees at the school (teachers, caretakers, management, school nurse, curator, catering staff, etc.) are engaged in the program, and to some extent, if possible, also the students’ parents / guardians.

The program includes ongoing training of employees, in order to deepen the understanding of the program, and also to constantly develop the program’s content together. The effects of this are that regardless of which teacher / adult the student meets, everyone has a similar approach and always focuses on building a healthy and safe learning environment.

The program is fully integrated into the school’s annual structure and subject planning. And it is based on the national curriculum’s requirements for work on key values and to understand Sweden’s grounds for discrimination. The program involves all school subjects and all situations in the school – including the breaks.

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