Watch: Understand the power of place based learning by the world’s only travelling school

USA | Think Global School 

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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship and life skills

– Format: Lecture

– Primary language: English

THINK Global School has built a curriculum based on place- and project-based learning that puts students in charge of their own learning. We emphasise mastery, autonomy, and purpose, and in doing so, prepare our students to be global citizens who are equipped with a wide range of 21st century skills.

How can schools around the world use place-based learning to explore ecological, political, economic, and social themes firsthand while adding a local-to-global context to their classroom? In their discussion of place-based learning, Russ or one of our lead educators will explain how the real-world experiences that are at the core of a THINK Global School education can be scaled down for schools of any size or budget by relying on local experts and leveraging the environment.

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