Watch: Using competencies instead of exams to demonstrate student mastery

New Zealand | Green School

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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship and life skills

– Format: Lecture

– Primary language: English

Following the COVID-19 pandemic that necessitated the shutting down of schools worldwide, we started a project to digitize the Nigerian curriculum for our pupils. The majority of educational content online are from the west and were not user-friendly for our pupils.

We went ahead to install those lessons alongside non-conventional educational materials like games and movies on tablets which were distributed to all the pupils in a class, for free. This way, all those pupils have been able to continue learning during this period.

SchoolLinka will also share how the team have been able to design a program that equips teachers with the tech skills they need to power digital learning in their classrooms. Through an instructor-led online learning model, they are creating a large community of educators who are able to drive learning outside the classroom effectively.

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