Watch: Using tech tools to engage learners in our hybrid reality

Moldova | Heritage International School

In partnership with Academy for Innovation and Change through Education

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  • Friday 9

    01:00 pm – 02:00 pm

    Moldova | Heritage International School
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– Theme: The use of technology

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

‘How do we integrate technology for learning in schools?’

Heritage International School has expertise in using technology in education, thus we became one of the three partners of the Ministry of Education in the COVID-19 pandemic, supporting the entire country to move to distance learning. We delivered a webinar on how to use Google tools for teaching remotely, and we also shared our distance learning plan with the Ministry. and. Our online safety policy has been adapted to be used nationwide.

We have wide experience in using technology to connect with classrooms around the world and deliver global collaboration in the classroom. What we want to showcase is a range of technologies that can be used to enhance learning in the 21st century. If something works particularly well, then it should be shared with others, so that they can implement the same. For example, if a particular web tool works well for primary students, then other primary educators could make use of it, too.

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