Watch: Using the case method developed at Harvard to advance contextual education

Sweden | Vittra Vallentuna

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    Sweden | Vittra Vallentuna
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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship and life skills

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: Swedish

Vittra Vallentuna has, since it started 2006, worked very consciously with programs for “Contextual education”. We are, as far as we know, the only compulsory school in Sweden that so clearly developed Harvard’s case methodology as part of our education program. It’s, for us, a successful approach to developing students’ employability, entrepreneurship and life skills. Each school in Vittra (Vallentuna is one of 23) have divided the academic year into six periods, each period followed by “Development and planning days” when the teachers evaluate the previous period and plan and prepare the work in the next.

Every new period is the starting point for a case study, where the education is based on a common problem that must be solved. Together. The case consists of several topics that are linked together, planned, assessed and evaluated together. The designs and progressions of the cases are adapted to students’ ages, school forms and the Swedish national curriculum

During 2020 – and in a situation with high absenteeism (from both students and teachers), lots of worries and uncertainty – we could see that our case-based education created increased meaning to the students. They felt energetic and gained energy from continuing to solve problems and share responsibility together.


– K-12

– Public Charter

– Urban

– High-resource setting

– High, Middle, and Low income background

– Mixed-sex

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