Watch: We develop soft skills in Kolkata’s poorest children

India | Samaritan Mission School, Kolkata

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    India | Samaritan Mission School, Kolkata
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– Theme: Building programmes to enhance employability, entrepreneurship, and life skills

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: English

Collaboration is key. Collaboration not only helps in building relationships with the ecosystem but also helps in saving costs and better access to resources. By working closely with the ecosystem, we are able to build a connect with the local administration and resources and supplement resources from peer schools. Through various activities of school we are inculcating it to our students, to make them future ready.

To overcome the multiple challenges faced in the adoption of these new processes, 2 groups of teachers and students were formed for training. After successful completion of the program, these groups disseminated their learnings in the application of technology for knowledge and employability with their respective peers through collaboration. Hence, the importance of peer learning was realized by all. Cohorts were formed, and our school succeeded in inducting technology in education as an integral part of the teaching through collaborative way.

To reach the expected level of expertise towards the model, we have undergone different stages. They are: fostering motivation, forming groups to develop collaboration and peer learning, and lastly leveraging relationships through collaboration to have access to better resources. Due to success of this model Howrah Municipal Corporation has also engaged with SHM to run their defunct schools.


– Secondary

– Charity

– Urban

– Low-resource setting

– Low-income background

– Mixed-sex

– Urdu, Hindi, English and Bengali


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