Watch: We started a night school without electricity and improved outcomes

India | Government Primary School Aadi Peepli

In partnership with EdelGive Foundation, Kshamtalaya Foundation

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– Theme: Deepening family and community engagement 

– Format: Panel

– Primary language: Hindi

The specialism our school will be showcasing is the collaboration that exists between the school and the community. As children of this community were involved in daily wage work, therefore more hands mean more food. As a result, enrolment and attendance was a very big challenge, set aside learning. This resulted in the constitution of a ‘night school’ run collectively by the youth from the community, parents, and Village Panchayat (Village governing body).

Children would spend their evenings learning at the night school, some of who would travel from far off distances to reach their destinations. The night school gained a lot of students owing to its popularity and acceptance by the community as a tool for their children to learn. After 6 months of running the night school without electricity, the community came together to reach out to local CSOs and the local government to make solar powered lamps available to the school. The community also rallied together their resources to demand ration supply from the local governments to ensure Mid-day meals for the children were available. In the most pressing times, each household of the community themselves contributed to the ration supply. They also came together to clean and fix the playground.

The night school run within Government Primary School in this tiny village serves as an example of the power in mobilizing communities towards change on the ground. Today the night school has a footfall of 50 students.

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